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5 Apps To Help Parents Limit Screen Time

The research is in, and too much screen time can have detrimental effects on your growing child’s brain. And this is not a simple issue. 

Parents and their children have both experienced the gradual switch to a more digital society, and while technology is an exciting addition to their lives, it can have some unwanted effects. Devices are designed to ding all of the pleasure centers of the brain. And games like Pokemon Go and Minecraft; social media like Instagram and TikTok; and streaming services are like candy.

There is so much more to reducing screen time than setting a timer and expecting your kids to pay attention. These apps are designed to help you find a balance that leads to a happier, healthier brain and a happier, healthier child!

5 Apps To Limit Screen Time

limit screen time app for parents

Screen Time for iOS & Android

ScreenTime is a parental control app for Android and iOS. You can set a time limit on all devices, create a schedule, use rewards visualization like points or awards accumulation, pause your child’s device as well as monitor search history. The cost for this app is just $4 per month.

Flipd for iOS & Android

This app puts a positive spin on-screen limitations. Flipd keeps you motivated with day streaks, daily goals, and leaderboards. Their feature, Wellness Hub, provides music to keep you focused, calm, and mindful.

unGlue for iOS & Android

unGlue is a great way to differentiate screen time across members of your family. While one child may have a goal of reducing screen time by 20 minutes, another may be working towards 2 hours. Not every child will be the same, and this app accounts for that. This app will also block specific sites. It is available on both iOS and Android.

Zift for All Devices

Offered in free or paid versions, Zift is an award-winning software designed to keep your kids safe while online. Zift offers parental controls like instant reporting of online searches, updates on installed apps, and alerts if your child views inappropriate content. It also gives parents tips on dangerous apps and social media phrases to know, and its Net Nanny Smart Filter technology can observe individual web pages to determine if the content is safe for your child in real-time.

SPACE for iOS & Android

Formerly known as BreakFree, SPACE is an outstanding app to track and limit social media usage. You can customize the usage tracker according to your habits & preferences. It provides you with the opportunity to set & define your goals regarding your phone. By tracking your phone’s behavior, it can evaluate the progress you’ve made while using the app. 

Designed To Be Dependent

Technology today is designed to be engaging – possibly too engaging. The Montgomery County Prevention Coalition launched Digital Detox 101 to help parents and teens unplug and find fulfillment outside of digital devices. 

Find resources to help your family here!